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August 1st, 2017



7:03 pm

Member Attendance

Moderate to low. Four first time guest. Interest included electronics, woodworking, architecture, and an artist.

Consent Agenda

Lulzbot refurbished. Will give us a break. $1500 refurbished. - Agreed upon.

TV replacement $200- $400. Low HDMI wide format tv. Projector does not do HDMI. - Agreed upon.

Possible rental of downstairs? $400 a month. Shaw will approach rental agency about renting downstairs. - Decided against unless extremely good deal reached with landlord.

Officer Reports


No info from Scrap Exchange. Two weeks late letting us know timeline. Hope to meet soon. 

Shannon is still investigating 3rd option if UDI and Scrap don’t work. 

Shaw- Migrated wiki over to server. That's why members have been getting so many emails about servers.



  • Account balances:
    • BB&T balance as of 08/01: $10,775.13 available
    • WePay balance as of 08/01: $0
    • Square balance as of 08/01: $0
    • Total balance as of 08/01: $10,775.13

  • This month's income:
    • WePay - $1342.67
    • BB&T Deposits - $575
    • Square Deposits - $257.71
    • Total: $2175.38

  • This month's expenses:
    • UDI Rent - $1640.00
    • Linode.com - $20
    • Total: $1660

  • Income - expenses = $515.38

We took in $405 in cash donations in July.

WePay is sun setting their non merchant services. We need to transfer to another service. Shaw will look into options. Looking at Square and PayPal.



Public Relations

Not present.



New Business

Safety Incident Reporting-Shannon would like to report on a wax burn incident and suggest some ideas for a safety reporting. Will create safety report sheet and guest liability waiver form.

New Refrigerator-seeking donations or possibly buy one while Back to School shopping is a thing. Scott H offers a donation of a used one.

3d printer-The 3d printers are working overtime, we should buy another, preferably refurbished one. (moved to Consent)

TV- The current screen is not very easy to read, suggestion to get another (donations or ideas are welcome) (moved to Consent)

Possible rental of downstairs?

Old Business


Member Reports

Pete S- Only 4 or 5 active wiki accounts. 30,000 inactive accounts. Please give people wiki accounts to bring content up to date. 

Shaw- Asked Should we start a fresh wiki? Pete S- I’d be glad to.  Agreed- Will work on after formal meeting. 

Sarah- Jeff C brought in quad copter donation. 

Brian- Received Timeshare bling in the mail made of LEDS and lasered plastic. Printing up similar for Splat Space promotion considered a good option to members.   Phil - Used Scotch Weld to fix laptop hinge. Looking to get strong plastic to lay over broken hinge and reinforce.

Scott- Events in Sept. Sparkcon and Centerfest. We will participate in both.

Scott- Solar eclipse this month. Would use Raspberry Pi with telescope covered in broken welders glass. Brian- Narrow band to get TV view of eclipse so News Crews could not get good shots. 1/3 of news cameras destroyed by eclipsed. Becomes more dangerous as occluded. Due to how ultraviolet light bends around the moon. You are in more danger during eclipse. Peter- It doesn’t immediately hurt but causes blindness or damage the next day. Phil- be careful not to get counterfeit glasses on Amazon or other sources. Shaw- Some counterfeit are almost identical copies of legit glasses.

Reminder- Game Night Friday.

Jeff Cruise- Maker Faire as Wake Tech- dates and actual happening of event unclear.   sent a question and got nothing back. 

Mark- Foothills Community Workshop burned down. Please donate at https://www.generosity.com/community-fundraising/rebuild-foothills-community-workshop

Martin- Millinium machine working and found software online and played Quake on a LAN party. 

CJ- 3D printing project. Two components found everything that can go wrong on the print.  Prints are available as examples. Suggested to be used as wiki page. 

John V- Etching designs in leather. Vector to cut shape, cut out, dyed. Needs to be fitted around chest. Considered a great addition to Zombie 

Pete S- Bottle etcher works on laser printer to engrave on bottle, goblets or cylinders. Entire laser has to be raised 4” and causes laser danger. Need another member to join laser committee to cover side of the laser cabinet for safety and use of bottle engraver. One of the pulleys was a little off and has been fixed. 

Shannon T- Hoping to take a trip Friday to Apex with Martin and get electronics donation from Pete S house. Pete S- Where will we put it? Equivalent to 45 banker boxes. Need to fix up a group to organizing stuff and putting away. All recent stuff. Pop up thrift might be an option. Needs to be organized and put away. Need to advertise that we have the Smile account on Amazon. Peter R- You can use RAD Lab temporarily. (Decided to use RAD Lab in Belle Amour beauty parlor in the Lakewood Shopping Center for initial inventory and storage)

Coming Events

Game Night Friday!

Maker Faire as Wake Tech. TBD

Spark Con- September 14- 17. We are participating.

Centerfest- September 16- 17. We are participating.

Trash/Recycling Volunteer of the Week