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May 1st, 2018


  1. Approve draft minutes of the last meeting
  2. Consent Agenda
  3. Officer Reports
    1. President

This meeting it was necessary to discuss the lease in regards to our move to Scrap Exchange. The lease itself was shared with the members via the google group.

I've sent the following comments to Doreen from ScrapExchange

To be clear this is a copy of my email to her, after her request for an update

Yes, I have a few small comments, and one large one. We had a business meeting Tuesday. I’m attaching my comments for your feedback, so we can move this forward. I’m hoping we can get something signed and things in progress so we can target moving soon.

Our current lease is up the end of this month. I don’t think it will be practical, but I could be wrong, to try and plan a move for this month. However we do have a moving committee that is planning how we are going to move.

Here are the items that I would like your feedback on:

Section 1.14 Business Hours (complete change)

It is understood that Splatspace is not a business which sells either products or services, but a Cooperative group that uses their space as a mutual meeting and crafting area. Scheduled public meetings are open to all and are to be posted ahead of time, to the web notification system used by SplatSpace at the time of the posting. Ad Hoc groups may also open the space to all, should they choose to do so. These meetings may or may not be posted. It is also understood that the space is availabel for use by members 24/7 and only closed to members if there is a clear and properly communicated need to limit access to the space.

Section 5.03 Assignment and Subletting (So in the subsequent discussion with the members Tuesday, it was agreed that we need to do this and having a sublet agreement would clearly protect all parties. As the contract has a lot of requirements regarding how the subletting is supposed to work.

There does seem to be a lot of steps to the subletting, Could we perhaps simplify to the following points. (Clearly I’m not providing exact wording)

1. We need to get approval from Scrap 2. We understand Spat is responsible for the lease regardless 3. We sign an agreement (all three parties) 4. The amount paid to Splat for use of the space is not factored into our current lease.

and that is it. I read this part, and felt it confusing to me, as I don’t work with contracts a lot. So making it simpler would in our situation I think be more comfortable. However this is not a deal breaker in any way. Just trying to make it clear who does what and who needs what.

Your suggestions on how to move forward with this would be very helpful. Especially if you have a boilerplate sublet contract to work with.

Section 2.03 Ownership and leashold improvments (Minor addition)

Our concern is the technology we will add as improvements to the space. Remote locks, security, etc. We understand much would probably stay if we ever leave, but if there are things that could be considered improvements we would like to have a mechanism to ensure it was agreed that it was not an improvement that belongs to the Landlord.

If we could add to the end of this paragraph the following wording:

“Unless agreed to in writing by the Landlord and leaseholder.”

6.11 insurance some things are not applicable

We have Peter Reintjes working on figuring out the gaps between what our current insurance is, and what this contract requires. Since we have no employees the components of the contract section (iv) don’t apply, neither do sections (v) Business automobile (which it does say “If” (vi) business interruption insurance, and I’m not certain if the Commercial Business insurance of $2,000,000 is applicable either.

Certainly the glass insurance and the like are clearly necessary, as well as the Property insurance.

So we are trying to get with our insurance agent and figure out what our insurance is, what we need to change, and to give you what we have so we are all on the same page and that can get into the contract.

If you would be comfortable at just including the values in sections, (ii) (iii) (v) and (vii) then we could move forward. We still need to do our research and modify our policy, but the contract would cover the applicable elements that pertain to us renting the space. I believe.

So this is what I talked about, and received positive feedback on. Our members have been given access to the lease, but other than Tuesday night’s comments these are the only ones we have.

Does this make sense?

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    5. At-Large
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Member Attendance

Consent Agenda

Officer Reports

  • Account balances as of 05/01:
    • BB&T (available) balance: $12625.22
    • Stripe balance: $61.54
    • Cash: $80.00
      • Total balance as of 05/01: $12766.76
  • Balance - [3 month reserve $5853] - [Pending Rent $1640] = $5273.76

  • This month's income:
    • Stripe: $2009.00
    • BB&T Deposits: $0.00
    • Cash: $39.00
      • Total: $2048.00

  • This month's expenses:
    • UDI Rent: $1640.00
    • Spectrum: $59.99
    • Stripe Fees: $69.98
    • Misc: $7.00
      • Total: $1776.97

  • Income - Expenses = $271.03

  • Active Member count as of 05/01: (Active = paid dues within past 60 days)
    • Student: 4
    • Associate: 12
    • Full: 41
      • Total: 57
  • Projected Income from Member Dues: $2430
  • Income Needed from Dues after Move: $2775
    • Projected Income - Needed Income = $-345

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