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Officer Announcements


The 3 month reserve amount needs to be updated in last week's Treasurer's Report to reflect future rent & utility costs.


In response to the recent break-ins at Suite #24, we arranged a Q&A session with the Durham Police just prior to today's Open Meeting. Suggestions from the officer:

  • review the interactive Community Crime Map http://communitycrimemap.com/
  • keep 'interesting' items out of view from the front window [interior wall, blinds, etc]
  • keep the front of the space (inside & out) brightly lit
  • make it known that you are using security cameras
  • keep personal safety in mind, especially when walking to/from car at night

If people do have concerns, now is the time to address them.

Public Relations

Member Reports

Jeff replenished the supplies in the First Aid Kit. He reminded us all to never wear gloves when using any power tools.

Upcoming Events

Trash/Recycling Volunteer