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What's this then?

Welcome to Splat Space! This guide is an effort to consolidate information useful for new and current members. If you see something missing or incorrect, don't hesitate to edit.

What is Splat Space?

Splat Space is a hackerspace. It's a place where people with common interests get together to discuss and "hack" on projects, where "hacking" means any kind of creative, legal exploration of any technology or concept. Usually, our projects and discussion are technology-related, but not always.

Project Space

Individual members can use the space to work solo, or they can start or participate in any project. The only hard constraint on projects worked on in the space is that they should be legal. The only soft constraint on projects is that those working on them should be willing to share knowledge and involve other members. Splat Space doesn't claim any ownership of "intellectual property" developed in the space, but encourages its members to share their work.

In addition to working on our own projects, we've also participated in the Global Hackerspace Challenge, a monthly event that challenges hackerspaces all over the world to work on similarly-themed projects.

Meeting Place

In addition to hosting its own weekly open meetings, Splat Space has hosted Meetups and talks for groups across the Triangle. Any organization that has the invitation of a member has the invitation of Splat Space. To date, we've hosted TriZPUG, TriLUG, and others.

Educational Space

Recently, our members have collaborated with the Durham Public School, a website that lets people propose and create ad-hoc classes on any topic. Several classes that began as ideas on the Durham Public School website were hosted at Splat Space.

Getting Here

We're in the basement of the Snow Building at 331W. Main Street, Durham, NC. We're right under Beyu Café.

Doors and Parking

The doors to the Snow Building, which we are in the basement of, unlock automatically at 8:30AM and lock again at 5PM. Members are given RFID "key fobs" in order to gain entry after-hours. Members are also provided a physical key with which to open the Space itself. We hope to eliminate the need for a physical key with our Doorduino project, which would let members open the space with the same RFID used for building entry.

There are two doors into the Snow Building:

  • The main entrance on Main Street, which, facing south, is to the immediate left of Beyu Café's door
  • The back entrance, on the south side of the Snow Building


Street parking on Main Street is free after 6PM. A better option is usually to park behind the Snow Building in the parking lot, which is also free after 6PM. The back parking lot is accessible via Ramseur Street/Downtown Loop.

Connecting with Members

Talk with other people on the Interweb!

Donating Stuff

Having lots of spare parts and equipment around is an important part of making Splat Space a good place to work on projects. However, it's also critically important that we not fill up our space with stuff. We want what we choose to keep in the space to be generally useful or necessary.

If you'd like to donate equipment or parts to the space, or otherwise put in the space parts or equipment you're not planning on immediately using, please first ask other members if they would find any of what you'd like to donate useful.

Splat Space is a non-profit, donations to us are tax deductible.

Hosting Meetings at Splat Space

Members of Splat Space are encouraged to invite meetup groups and other organizations to the Space for meetings, talks, or workshops. Some general guidelines:


  • Plan on attending the event
  • Consult the Splat Space Meetup page to ensure the event doesn't conflict with anything else happening at the space
  • Schedule the event on Meetup. Meetup credentials for Splat Space can be obtained by sending an email to,


  • Post signs on both doors with the Space's phone number. There are hanging signs available for this purpose on the table next to the door.
    • Be sure to post your phone number, (or the Space's: 919 704 4225), so that attendees who are locked out can call down and get in
  • Take pictures and tweet! Help get the word out about how awesome Splat Space is.


  • Ensure the space is tidy
    • Project materials are put away
    • Garbage is taken out
    • Drunks are placed on the couch

Paying Dues

Dues, which are $50/month for voting members, should be paid by the 20th of each month, by either:

  • PayPaling $50 to with a comment that mentions the member's name or email address
  • Handing cash or check to the Treasurer

For details, don't hesitate to contact your friendly neighborhood Treasurer, Lisa, at

General Guidelines


Minors are welcome at Splat Space, as long as they're accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Tidy Space Rules

  • Keep the tables and room clean. Tables should be cleared off when leaving the room.
  • Put items back where they belong, neatly. If you're unsure where something goes, please ask.
  • Don't damage or vandalize equipment, including things in the salvage/recycling areas. Someone else may have a use for it.
  • For members, if you leave something, label it and put it on the member project shelves. Labels are in the filing cabinet by the door. Please put your name and date on the label.