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About Mindcrime

Just some guy... See:

But in short... I'm Phil R., a hacker / geek / programmer / entrepreneur / metalhead / libertarian / libertine / rakehell / whatever from Chapel Hill.

I founded Fogbeam Labs, where we work on integrating Machine Learning, Social Network Analysis, Collective Intelligence, Collaborative Filtering, Semantic Web tech, and Information Retrieval to build software for helping people find useful information / knowledge.

I ran for Lieutenant Governor of NC in 2008, as the Libertarian Party candidate. I wasn't elected, but I was in a statewide televised debate on UNC-TV, and I received ~125,000 votes, which was good for around 3%.

In the past, I've worked for Voice Data Solutions, IBM, Ineo USA, Red Hat, and

I mostly program in Groovy and or Java, and have also done C, C++, and Python. I'm working on learning Scala and Clojure, and I have an interest in learning (at some point) R, Prolog, (Common) Lisp, OCaml and Haskell.

I'm an F/L/OSS ideologue in that I use F/L/OSS almost exclusively these days. I run Fedora Linux on my laptop, and most of the servers I run are running one or another of the various flavors of Red Hat Linux; mostly Fedora or CentOS. Even my phone is F/L/OSS based, being an Android powered Motorola Atrix.

Speaking of Android, that's something else I've been dabbling in lately. I've rooted a Nook Color to use for experimenting with Android stuff.

Doctor Who was, is, and probably always will be, my favourite television programme. I also generally have a fascination with British culture, and I do love a woman with an English (or Scottish) accent, me. So much more so if she's a redhead. Needless to say, I am in love with Amelia Pond.

I'm also a huge fan of Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, Whitesnake and a few other British musical acts...

I've been focused on software almost to exclusion for the past decade plus, so I recently decided to get back into hardware level hacking. I bought a couple of Arduino boards and spent a pile of money on electronics tools and parts, and I've been spending a lot of time at Splat*Space building silly little circuits and doing stuff with the Arduino.

I also used to be a volunteer firefighter with Civietown VFD and Supply VFD in Brunswick County, NC. I was formerly a NC Fire & Rescue Commission certified Firefighting Instructor and taught Firefighter I & II certification classes, and LP Gas Firefighting, for Brunswick Community College.

I've also recently decided to pursue getting my ham radio license. I just ordered the study guide book and stuff to prep for the Technician level license exam. Wish me luck!


Groups & Meetups

I organize a few local groups or organizations, including:

I also sorta kinda unofficially "organize" (ie, I run the Yahoo group) the Triangle Dolfans group - a group for Miami Dolphins fans located in the Triangle.

I participate in, to varying degrees, a number of groups in the Triangle area: TriJUG, TriLUG, Raleigh.rb, TriFunc, TriClojure, TriHUG, Triangle Arduino Hackers, Triangle Libertarians, etc.

Cypherpunk / Crypto-anarchism

Censorship / Online Freedom / Software Freedom

Mesh Networks / Darknets / Alternate Nets

Crypto-currency / Virtual Currency

Cryptography / Encryption


Random Stuff