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(Trash/Recycling Volunteer)
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==== Trash/Recycling Volunteer ====
==== Trash/Recycling Volunteer ====
Dawn emptied her house trash this morning.
N/A since nobody in the meeting is at SplatSpace.
==== Adjournment ====
==== Adjournment ====

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April 7th, 2020


  1. Minutes
  2. Initialization
  3. Member Attendance
  4. Consent Agenda
  5. Old Business
  6. Action Items
  7. New Business
  8. Officer Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Public Relations
    6. At-Large
  9. Member Reports
  10. Upcoming Events
  11. Trash/Recycling Volunteer
  12. Adjournment

Guest Introductions

  • No guests present at 7:10pm.


No quorum (8 members currently in attendance at 7:13pm Eastern), could not approve Feb 4 or March 3 minutes.


  • Meeting started at 7:10pm Eastern.

Member Attendance

Consent Agenda

1) Review the Safety Document



    • Informal recommendation to maintain CDC social distancing guidelines by limiting people in each room based on the room size. (ie. One-person at a time in the wood shop, metal shop, boneyard).
    • Post a sign on the entrance to each room regarding this policy, and change the signs as CDC changes guidelines.
    • Post a sign recommending handwashing and regular disinfecting of frequently used surfaces (ie. doorknobs).
    • Post a notice on web site that new memberships aren't being accepted (until the CDC guidelines change in a manner that makes them safe/relevant again).
    • Make cleaning supplies available to SplatSpace members on site. (ie. paper towels, Lysol/antibacterial wipes with 70%+ alcohol or 10% bleach solution).
    • Make disposable gloves available to SplatSpace members (ie. the ones near resin printers).

ToDo Action Items

(Items carried forward from previous meetings, but not up for discussion this month. Recorded here so we don't forget about them.)

  • Establish a process (proposal?) for holding votes with membership electronically, to allow us to accomplish votes without establishing quorum at/during meetings.
  • Establish a process (ie. sending a two-sentence announcement with a link to the agenda to the Google Group, Slack #announcements) for announcing to SplatSpace membership important meetings, votes, and events, in the case where there has been a board member meeting and agenda prepared at least 3 days in advance.

* Plan needed to allow members to recoup costs on consumables they provide to the space. (who?)

* Website plans (who ?)

* New Member orientation (Dawn)

* Training & Accountability (Dawn - initial draft) [create doc with list of tools, include people & doc links as we start making equipment training guides]

* New Storage Shelves (Scott + volunteers)

* Audio/Visual install & configuration (Scott + volunteers)

* Splat server upgrade (Scott)

* Laser cutter soundproofing

New Business

  • Blake McNeill volunteered to accept nomination for the at-large board member position vacated by Stephen Kufchek last month. He will serve as a deputy at-large board member until a vote can be held to confirm his position or the next board election.

Officer Reports

  • Said nice things.
  • VP took home (did not steal) a few 3d printers to maintain them.
  • Account balances as of 04/01:
+ BB&T + Cash Total - Outstanding - Escrow - 3 mo reserve Non-committed
  $5262.25     $174     $5436.25     $0     $680     $7500     $-2743.75  

  • This month's income:
Member Dues Donations Other Total
  $2253.28     $65     $0     $2318.28  
  • This month's expenses:
UDI Rent Linode + AWS Spectrum Misc Total
  $2400     $20.91     $84.99     $0     $2505.90  
  • Income - Expenses =   $-187.62
  • Back dues owed = ~$550

  • Active Member count as of 04/01: (Active = paid dues within past 60 days)
Membership Type # Members Dues (Expected) Target # Members Target Dues
Full 15 $ 900 20 $1200
Full (legacy) 17 $850
Associate 6 $ 125
Associate (legacy) 6 $ 140
Student 2 $70
Total 46 $2235 51 $2535
Monthly Expected Expenses = $2505

Departing Members: none

New Members: Kurt G

With our current Membership & Expenses, we can pay bills through 9/21


  • no report


Tom Randall

  • Many of our events have been cancelled. Will update the wiki at some point to reflect these changes.
  • Gave equipment to allow a local community member to perform a SARS-COV-2 PCR assay on his family.
  • Provided equipment to another community member working on a bioinformatics system related to flu viruses.

Scott Hall

  • has updated some of the wiki listings to reflect event cancellations.
  • Train show is still on but tentative.
  • holding TriBRAE meetings online.

Member Reports

Scott Hall

  • Woodworking projects at home

Having member updates/projects/pictures posted on the SplatSpace web site would be great!

  • Andrew Morton is working on updating Wordpress.
  • j.c. has expressed availability to update the web site content once it's fixed/updated.

Ryan Patridge

  • Discussed PPE fabrication efforts over the last two weeks
  • Showed example PPE face shields
  • Shared pictures and information about Duke Co-Lab and COVID-19 Task Force efforts for PPE manufacture at a larger scale, using injection molding and local businesses to establish a workflow currently able to provide 10,000 face shields per week to local medical personnel.
  • Anyone who wants to get involved with PPE fabrication over the next week or two, please contact Ryan for more information.

Upcoming Events

  • Upcoming events - HAHAHA

No additional upcoming events to report. Look for online events on the SplatSpace wiki, or SplatSpace Meetup group.

Trash/Recycling Volunteer

N/A since nobody in the meeting is at SplatSpace.