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(May 25th, 2020)
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=== May 25th, 2020 ===
=== May 26th, 2020 ===
Board Meeting
Board Meeting

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May 26th, 2020

Board Meeting


  • Come up with a plan to solicit a quorum's worth of votes online, so that business can be conducted
  • Address the Finance Trajectory
    • plan to communicate this to membership
    • soliciting solutions
  • Assess how to allow new members in pandemic scenario
  • Increase activity on social media
    • Seems like there is little to no activity for SplatSpace on social media
    • Posting to social media more often could increase visibility and possibly drive membership
    • - [Blake] is willing to post but we should have several people that can and will post often
  • Is anyone aware of a site where people can sell items and have part of the proceeds go to a non-profit? Something like Amazon Smile but for handmade items.
    • We could encourage members to sell their handmade items if they make them and have part of the proceeds go to SplatSpace
    • If such a site doesn't exist, then I claim this as my idea. Don't steal it. I [Blake] will sue
  • Should we consider starting a GoFundMe or something similar?
    • Should also look into grants and other funding for non-profits/business affected by COVID-19

  1. Minutes
  2. Member Attendance
  3. Consent Agenda
  4. Old Business
  5. Action Items
  6. New Business
  7. Officer Reports
    1. President
    2. Vice-President
    3. Treasurer
    4. Secretary
    5. Public Relations
    6. At-Large



Member Attendance

Consent Agenda

Old Business

ToDo Action Items

New Business

Officer Reports



  • Account balances as of 5/01:
+ BB&T + Cash Total - Outstanding - Escrow - 3 mo reserve Non-committed
  $4039.67     $174     $4213.67     $0     $7500     $784     $-4070.33  

  • This month's income:
Member Dues Donations Other Total
  $1251.54     $51     $0     $1302.54  
  • This month's expenses:
UDI Rent Linode.com Spectrum Misc Total
  $2400     $25.13     $84.99     $15.00     $2525.12  
  • Income - Expenses =   $-1222.58
  • Back dues owed = ~$300

  • Active Member count as of 5/01: (Active = paid dues within past 60 days)
Membership Type # Members Expected Dues Target # Members Target Dues
Full 14 $840 24 $1440
Full (Legacy) 16 $800
Associate 5 $125
Associate (Legacy) 6 $120
Student 2 $70
Total 43 $1955 53 $2555
Monthly Expected Expenses = $2505
Deficit = - $555/mo

Departing Members: Tipakorn G, Chris B, Cassy B

New Members:

With our current Membership & Expenses, we can pay bills through 12/2020



  • Connect with Nation of Makers to see what other makerspaces are doing to address funding and membership issues, operational challenges.
  • Talk with our landlord to seek temporary rent forbearance/forgiveness in order to stay in operation.
  • Get the previously formulated list of ideas/brainstorming for fundraising and membership engagement, find members willing to pursue these.
  • Consider/brainstorm ways that SplatSpace might engage with community, especially with the ongoing challenges presented by COVID-19. (Engagement with children, educational or pastime).
  • Update the website (highlight PPE projects, video from workshops, other activities and resources that SplatSpace offers as Durham's makerspace). Offer a curated list of others' activities, relevant events and opportunities. Standard things on Instagram, Facebook, Wordpress, etc.
  • Formalize a process for people who are willing to provide access to Associate or Student members when they need it. Andrew Odum and Scott both volunteered some interest in facilitating access this way.



  • Other